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The AWTIMATE Mentorship (AM) is designed to empower individuals who are passionate to become successful underwater photographers. Applicants must have a vigorous desire to use the power of photography to protect the health of our ocean environment.
AWTIMATE Mentorship will help the successful candidate with experiences and knowledge beyond the essential skills of the profession. Together we will explore a variety of perspectives and I will guide you in a direction that goes beyond ordinary pursuits. To ensure the success of my mentorship programs, I can only accept only two to three candidates each year. With a one-on-one arrangement, I will customise the program to your aspirations.

The AWTIMATE Year Mentorship

Duration: one year
If you have the commitment and passion to become a successful underwater photographer this may be the program to help you jumpstart your dream. The successful applicant must be conservation-minded, of exemplary character, and with genuine concern for the health of our ocean. With 15 years in mainstream advertising agencies experience and another 28 years’ experience in photojournalism and ocean conservation amidst being an internationally acclaimed underwater photographer, publisher, founder of Asian Geographic and Ocean Geographic, expedition leaders, conservation projects, I am ready to pass the baton to the next generation. This one-year, classic one on one mentorship arrangement is comprised of a minimum of 35 online sessions and three editorial expeditions with me. In one year of the association, you will become a published underwater photographer, assistant expedition leader, field editor, and assistant publisher for Ocean Geographic and launch your ocean conservation initiative.

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Photo-Journalist / Documentary Photographer Mentorship

Duration: one month
This mentorship offers you the experience of an actual photo-journalist assignment, from preparation, execution of shoot to the publication of your photo story. The program is comprised of 5 x 60 mins On-Line sessions and a seven to 10 days field assignment with me.
Here are some of the areas of focus we will explore during your mentorship program.
1. A biography and portfolio critique: I will review your portfolio and website and recommend changes
2. Pitch and makings of a compelling photo story
3. Discovering your forte and style
4. Techniques with post-production
5. Learn the essential know-how for an editorial assignment
6. Learn how to tell stories with your pictures
7. In-depth about documentary photography and photojournalism
8. Learn how to interview techniques

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